Бессоница, Гомер, тугие паруса, ...
Примёрзни рукой к холодной планете,
что выходит в расчётную точку орбиты.
В иллюминаторах глаз элементарны частицы
маленьких астронавтов первые позывные...


It seems that has mixed doors.
It seems that it has appeared superfluous.
Personal pronoun.
Personal pronoun.

They decline time to a coition.
They touch sticky seconds.
Set near to the supper
And for certain, - all complicate.

I thought that I can evade
From their surprising overture
And they have wrapped up me in March
Also have forgotten to the middle of July.

I look now as all thaws
Breaks up to molecules
There at an ocean floor
There where my sighs are still audible.

That to lift anchors easier
That to remember a bible name easier
And a petal of a burning down cherry
To be started up in dangerous swimming.

To return a steamship it will not turn out
Its wheel is audible somewhere behind turn.
And if, something opens earlier
Let firemen know about it only

Born in a small ripple
Still you shiver from loneliness
Swallowing of creaking sand
Trying local air

It is necessary to burn down as logs,
That you have found in the heart of a flood plain
And to remember heat of mother
Woken you so early.